Ubiuquiti UniFi Cloud Key firmware 1.1.6 has been released Improvements
  • Add libnss-mdns into UCK series.
  • Add NTP server into UCKP.
  • Add dpkg cache into UC-CK.
  • Increase firmware file upload size limitation to 1GB from 500MB.
  • Merge support to retain highest controller version during upgrade on UC-CK (same as UCK-G2* devices).*
  • Update bundled UniFi Network controller.

*Note that the UC-CK will need to be upgrading from this release for it to work. This requires sufficient storage space and may take 10-15+ minutes .

  • Fix reboot after preloader update on UC-CK and UCK-G2 devices.
  • Reboot automatically after Rack Mount firmware updated when UCK-G2/PLUS inserted into CKG2-RM.
  • Update certificates generated by UCK firmware to be compliant with new Apple rules (see Apple's article HERE).
  • Update CKG2-RM MCU firmware version.*

*Cloud Key will reboot a second time after this upgrade completes.

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