Ruckus Unleashed 200.7  This release adds Unleashed support for two new APs: Unleashed M510 and Unleashed R320.

• Unleashed M510
This release adds Unleashed support for the M510 Wave 2 802.11ac LTE Wi-Fi access point (AP). The M510 is designed to
leverage LTE networks as a backhaul to connect wirelessly back to any network without the need for an Ethernet cable

• Unleashed R320
The R320 is an entry-level 2x2:2 802.11ac Wave 2 indoor AP designed for medium-density enterprise deployments. It
features one GbE port, dual 2.4/5 GHz radios, BeamFlex support, 802.3af/at PoE support and a small form factor for
?exLble installation.

Release 200.7 introduces the following new features and enhancements:
• AP Groups
AP Groups can now be confJured  allowing admins to apply multiple confJuratLon profles to groups of APs.
• CLI Setup Wizard
Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Enhancements/New Features

A new CLI setup wizard provides another way to perform the initial network in addition to the mobile app
and browser-based setup methods.
• Increase Scale to 50 APs and 1,024 Clients
Unleashed now supports up to 50 APs (up from 25), and 1,024 clients (up from 512).
As of this release, this increase applies only to Unleashed 802.11ac Wave 2 APs.
The 50 AP maximum does not apply when the Master AP is in Gateway Mode, regardless of AP model. If the
Master AP is deployed in Gateway Mode, the maximum remains 25 APs.
• 802.1X Authentication Caching
This feature allows the APs to cache 802.1X client credentials at the AP, so that clients will not have to perform additional
authentications in case of disconnection from the RADIUS server within a specLfed time limit.
• WPA2+Hotspot WLANs
This release adds support for creating an SSID using WPA2-PSK and Hotspot service at the same time.
• Bonjour Fencing
Bonjour Fencing provides a mechanism to limit the scope of Bonjour service discovery in the physical/spatial domain.
This is useful because logical network boundaries (e.g. VLANs) do not always correlate well to physical boundaries within
a buLldLnJ/?oor.
This feature can be confJured via CLI commands only in this release.
• Ethernet Port VLAN Support
Allows VLAN confJuratLon of Ethernet ports on wall-plate type APs (H320 and H510).
• Merge Guest and Social Media WLAN Types
Social Media WLANs are now a subcategory of Guest WLAN, rather than being a separate WLAN type as in previous
• Captive Portal Customization
Provides several new options for customizing the Captive Portal login page for Guest WLANs.
• Portal Page Multi-Language Support
This feature is enabled by default for the Guest WLAN login portal page when the web interface language is not English.
• Client Connection Diagnostics Enhancement
Client connection troubleshooting can now be run on clients connected to Web Auth, Hotspot (WISPr), and Social Media
Guest WLANs, in addition to standard usage WLANs.
• Save Debug Info Progress Indication
A progress indicator is now displayed when the Save Debug Info button is pressed to download a debug log fle.
• Display Unleashed Version on First Installation Page
The frmware version number currently being confJured is now displayed on the frst installation wizard screen.
• Favorite Client Support
Mark a client as a "favorite," to receive notLfcatLons when the client connects or disconnects.
• L3 Fast Path Performance Enhancement
Enhancements and Resolved Issues
Enhancements/New Features
•    Event Level Setting in Diagnostics Logs
•    Provides a confJuratLon option to set the level of debug logs to display on the Events page.
•    Display "Uploading" Progress Bar on Upgrade Page
•    A progress bar is now displayed to indicate the image fle upload progress.
•    Increased Max Bind IP Addresses for DHCP Server to 128 from 32.
•    Improved speed of Setup Wizard process.
•    MAC Auth authentication can now use local database as the auth server.
•    Reduce Channel Change Frequency

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