RouterOS 6.46.4 MikroTik heeft verleden week versie 6.46.4 van RouterOS uitgebracht. RouterOS is een besturingssysteem dat zich richt op het uitvoeren van routertaken. Denk daarbij natuurlijk aan het routeren van netwerkverkeer, maar ook aan bandbreedtemanagement, een firewall, het aansturen van draadloze accesspoints, een hotspotgateway en een vpn-server. Het kan zowel op de hardware van MikroTik als op x86- of virtuele machines zijn werk doen. Voor het gebruik is een licentie nodig, die bij de aankoop van MikroTik-hardware is inbegrepen. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Important note!!!
  • The Dude server must be updated to monitor 6.46.4 and v6.47beta30+ RouterOS type devices.
  • The Dude client must be manually upgraded after upgrading The Dude server.
  • To get RouterOS data from the devices, The Dude now requires RouterOS to be 6.46.4 or v6.47beta30+.
Changes in this release:
  • arm - improved watchdog and kernel panic reporting in log after reboots on RB3011 and IPQ4018/IPQ4019 devices ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
  • branding - allow forcing configuration script as default configuration (new branding packet required);
  • branding - fixed "company-url" and "router-default-name" survival after system upgrade;
  • branding - fixed WEB HTML page survival after system upgrade;
  • certificate - fixed certificate verification when flushing CRL's;
  • chr - fixed graceful shutdown execution on Hyper-V (introduced in v6.46);
  • console - fixed script with "dont-require-permissions=yes" execution without sufficient permissions;
  • crs3xx - fixed frame forwarding after disabling/enabling bridge hardware offloading for CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+ device;
  • defconf - added welcome note with common first steps for new users;
  • dude - updated The Dude to use new style authentication method;
  • health - fixed maximum SFP temperature reading under '/system health' menu;
  • ike2 - fixed DHCP Inform package handling when received on PPPoE interface;
  • lte - added interface name prefix for logging events;
  • lte - added "phy-cellid" value support for R11e-LTE-US;
  • lte - do not allow using empty APN Profile names;
  • lte - improved all APN session activation after disconnect on R11e-LTE;
  • lte - use APN from network when blank APN used on R11e-4G;
  • snmp - fixed "routeros-version" value returning from registration table;
  • snmp - fixed UPS battery voltage value scaling;
  • ssh - added support for RSA keys with SHA256 hash (RFC8332);
  • system - improved system stability when receiving/sending TCP traffic on multicore devices;
  • telnet - improved telnet compatibility with other client implementations;
  • user-manager - fixed signup enabling (introduced in v6.46);
  • webfig - added default configuration confirmation window to WebFig;
  • webfig - do not show WebFig menu when opening 'Check For Updates' in Quick Set;
  • winbox - completely removed old style authentication method;
  • winbox - fixed "invalid" flag presence under "System/Certificates/CRL" menu;
  • wireless - improved compatibility for "ETSI" wireless country profile;
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